Diffusion-exponent fluctuations of virus capsids

Freitag, 01. September 2017 - 11:15

Dr. Yuichi Itto 

Science Division, Center for General Education, Aichi Institute of Technology, Aichi, Japan

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium…

Nucleo-cytoplasmic trafficking for a productive herpesviral infection

Donnerstag, 31. August 2017 - 15:15

Prof. Susanne Bailer 

Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Grenzflächenverfahrenstechnik und Plasmatechnologie IGVP

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium

Living, Death and Iron Addiction of Human Cytomegalovirus Infected Cells

Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017 - 15:15

Prof. Zhikang Qian

Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI

heinrich-pette-lecture 2017: New insights into cell-specific innate antiviral immunity

Freitag, 30. Juni 2017 - 11:00

Prof. Charles M. Rice

Rockefeller University, New York, USA

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI

Engineering Immunity Against HIV

Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017 - 15:15

Prof. Alejandro Balazs

Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, USA

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI

Peroxisomes as platforms for viral evasion from the cellular immune response

Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017 - 15:15

Prof. Daniela Ribeiro

Institute of Biomedicine – iBiMED University of Aveiro, Portugal

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI

HIV-1 or the art of teasing the immune system

Donnerstag, 08. Juni 2017 - 15:15

Prof. Javier Martinez-Picado

IRSICaixa AIDS Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI

Recognition of tumor binding bacteria by immune cells

Donnerstag, 04. Mai 2017 - 15:15

Prof. Ofer Mandelboim

Lautenberg Center for General and Tumor Immunology, BioMedical Research Institute Israel-Canada of the Faculty of Medicine (IMRIC), Hebrew University Hadassah Medical…

What fuels Natural Killers? Metabolic regulation of NK cells

Donnerstag, 20. April 2017 - 15:15

Dr. David Finlay

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI

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PhD Curriculum

hpi tuesday seminar: Antibody dependent enhancement in Dengue- and Zikavirus infection // Regulation of HAdV Type 5 E1B-55K SUMOylation by E4 proteins

Dienstag, 05. September 2017 - 09:30

Thomas Speiseder (Postdoc - Gabriel lab)

Marie Fiedler (PhD - Dobner lab)

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI

hpi tuesday seminar: Functional analysis of cellular STUbLs in the replication cycle of human Adenovirus Type 5

Dienstag, 19. September 2017 - 09:30

Sarah Müncheberg (PhD - Dobner lab)

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI