The institute's mission statement: „The HPI investigates the biology of human pathogenic viruses. It is our aim to unravel the molecular mechanisms that control viral life cycles and virus induced pathogenesis. This research will provide novel targets and therapeutic approaches for established and emerging viral disease.

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Heinrich Pette Lecture 2015 on July 1

This year's lecture will be held by the renowned virologist Ann M. Arvin.

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The HPI against Ebola

For months, the outbreak of the Ebola virus holds the world in suspense. The HPI has been used to combat the dangerous Ebola virus locally in Africa.

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Research Units

The Heinrich Pette Institute's research teams currently consist of four reserach units, three reserach groups and three independent junior research groups.

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April 20, 2015:Dr. Eva Krause receives price for pbest HPI publication od the year 2014.

Tuesday, 14. April 2015

April 20, 2015: The HPI awarded Dr. Eva Krause for the best publication „Murine Cytomegalovirus Virion-Associated Protein M45 Mediates Rapid NF-κB Activation after Infection”.

April 14, 2015: DFG establishes new Clinical Research Unit

Tuesday, 14. April 2015

April 14, 2015: New DFG Clinical Research Unit: Heinrich Pette Institute participates with two groups.


Impfstoff aktiviert Immunsystem zuverlässig gegen Ebola

Thursday, 02. April 2015

Erste Ergebnisse zur Ebola-Impfstudie im UKE mit Unterstützung vom Heinrich-Pette-Institut

Fortschritt in der Ebola-Forschung

Monday, 02. March 2015

Heinrich-Pette-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Experimentelle Virologie: Neues Mausmodell zur besseren Erforschung der Ebola-Infektion generiert


Adenoviruses: dual model in virus-host interactions

Thursday, 07. May 2015 - 15:15

Prof. Thomas Dobner

Virale Transformation, Heinrich-Pette-Institut

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI

Watching Protein-Nucleic Acid Dynamics with Single Molecule Resolution

Thursday, 28. May 2015 - 15:15

Prof. David Rueda

Imperial College London, Faculty of Medicine, United Kingdom

im Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium des HPI