The institute's mission statement: „The HPI investigates the biology of human pathogenic viruses. It is our aim to unravel the molecular mechanisms that control viral life cycles and virus induced pathogenesis. This research will provide novel targets and therapeutic approaches for established and emerging viral disease.Learn more about the HPI.

Research Units

The Heinrich Pette Institute's research teams currently consist of five research units, two research groups and three independent junior research groups.

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Save the Date: Heinrich Pette Lecture

The next Heinrich Pette Lecture will take place on June 30, 2017. Our guest will be the virologist Charles M. Rice (Rockefeller University).


Dampened Immunity During Pregnancy Promotes Evolution of More Virulent Flu

Wednesday, 08. March 2017

Pregnancy-related immune adaptation promotes the emergence of highly virulent H1N1 influenza strains in allogenically pregnant mice

Tumor suppressor promotes some acute myeloid leukemias

Tuesday, 17. January 2017

Heinrich Pette Institute: Study reveals surprising effect of RUNX1


February 23, 2017: GRÜNE Bürgerschaftsfraktion hosted panel discussion about devolpments in the field of HIV research at the HPI

Thursday, 23. February 2017

February 23, 2017: Panel Discussion with senator of science Katharina Fegebank, the GRÜNE Bürgerschaftsfraktion and Prof. Joachim Hauber

February 22, 2017: Pupils getting insights into scientific work at the HPI

Wednesday, 22. February 2017

February 22, 2017: 16 pupils from the Wilhelmgymnasium visited the Heinrich Pette Institute on February, 22, 2017. They got insights into the scientific work at the institute.


Mapping Atomic Motions with Ultrabright Electrons: Route to Discovery of the Fundamental Limits to Biodiagnostics and Spatial Mapping with MS

Thursday, 13. April 2017 - 15:15

Prof. Dwayne Miller

Max Planck Insitute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg & Dept of Chemistry and Physics, University of Toronto, Canada