Katja Linke

Katja Linke

December 4, 2018: Katja Linke is new Administrative Director at HPI

Tuesday, 04. December 2018

Since December 1, 2018, Katja Linke is the new Administrative Director at the Heinrich Pette Institute.  She follows Dr. Nicole Elleuche in this position. In a short interview, Katja Linke reveals what her previous career has been like and what she plans in her new position at the HPI:

Can you briefly summarize your career?

I studied law and immediately after my studies I started as a legal adviser in Hamburg’s Ministry of Science, Research and Equality. A few years ago, after my parental leave, I was given the opportunity to take over the management of the human resources department. Finally, in 2013, I moved to the Research Facilities Department (Referat Forschungseinrichtungen), where I took over the supervision of non-university research institutions. This was the first time I came into contact with the Heinrich Pette Institute. In this respect, I already know the Institute from a ministerial point of view and have been able to accompany its development in recent years.

To what extent will the experience you bring from the Ministry help you in your work at HPI?

This experience can definitely help me. I am familiar with the processes of research funding in the Leibniz system as well as with internal administrative procedures and processes, for example the funding procedure. I therefore know how administration works and can certainly use it profitably here at the HPI.

Why did you decide to come to the HPI? What is it about this job that particularly excites you?

For me the change of perspective was interesting. I have accompanied the HPI from the point of view of the Ministry. That's why I find it exciting to go into the institute now, to get into direct contact with the scientists and the administration, to get to know the institute in depth and to be able to shape its development.

What do you think is important for an effective and efficient administration at a research institution like the HPI?

Interesting question! For me, it is important that everyone knows what he or she is doing the job for: What exactly is the purpose, why are we all here? What is the mission and what do I contribute to it? The second focus would be on the processes. I think a modern administration benefits from transparent processes.

Where do you see the biggest challenges at HPI?

The HPI has been evaluated very positively in the past. The new evaluation is imminent and will be a decisive step. There has been great progress and development in recent years. Together with the vigor that everyone here has, this has set a lot in motion. It will be a major task to consolidate this and build structures that are fit for the future.

I look forward to working here and am happy to work with everyone on the further development of the HPI. I'm excited about the challenges I'm facing and look optimistically into the future.

The HPI is also looking forward to working with Katja Linke and welcomes her warmly!