Seminar room prepared for the visit

Everything prepared for the visit

November 15, 2019: Profile course of the Corvey Gymnasium visits HPI

Friday, 15. November 2019

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, eleven school students of the Corvey Gymnasium received insights into virus research at the Heinrich Pette Institute.

After an introduction into the institute by HPI’s Scientific Director Prof. Thomas Dobner and a short safety briefing by PD Jan Chemnitz, the students were not only allowed to look over the shoulder of HPI researchers during their work, but were also able to become practically active themselves: 

Together with Dr. Helga Hofmann-Sieber and Tina Meyer of the HPI Research Department ”Viral Transformation” they extracted DNA from bananas. In the HPI technology platform "Microscopy and Image Analysis", Dr. Rudolph Reimer and Dr. Jens Bosse gave the students an insight into both light and electron microscopy.

Meline Brendel, a HPI research assistant, showed the students the building and explained its history as well as the general structure of a research institute.

With a quiz at the end of their visit, the students could test their gained knowledge regarding the HPI and the field of virus research.


In the technology platform "Microcopy and Image Analysis"