The PhD Speaker Johannes Jung and Berfin Tuku

Johannes Jung and Berfin Tuku

July 17, 2019: New HPI PhD speaker elected

Wednesday, 17. July 2019

The PhD students at the HPI elected Berfin Tuku and Johannes Jung as the new HPI PhD speakers at the beginning of July. Berfin Tuku already represented the interests of the doctoral candidates last year. Johannes Jung takes over from Annika Niehrs, who will finish her PhD soon.

Berfin Tuku is doing her PhD in the Research Department “Viral Zoonoses – One Health“ under the head of Prof. Gülsah Gabriel. Johannes Jung is doing his PhD in the Research Department “Virus Immunology“ under the head of Prof. Marcus Altfeld. The doctoral students at the Heinrich Pette Institute elect the HPI PhD speakers annually.


Berfin, what motivated you to reapply as a PhD speaker?

Berfin: I appreciate the opportunity to have insights into the work of the Board of the Directors and the Scientific Council. In addition, I have gained a lot of experience in organizing through my work as PhD speaker and would like to continue this next year.


Johannes, what are your plans for your position as a PhD speaker?

Johannes: For me, it is important to strengthen the community spirit among the doctoral students. I think it would be great to motivate as many PhD students as possible to attend our meetings. Furthermore, I would also like to see a lively exchange take place during our strategic meetings and our joint leisure activities that generates new ideas and allows the group to grow together.


The HPI thanks the current and former PhD speakers for their engagement!