The award winners of the Scientific Retreat 2019

The award winners together with the representatives of the doctoral students and postdocs, from left to right: Dr. Giada Frascaroli, Berfin Tuku, Sven Hagen, Felix Flomm, Henning Jacobsen, Olha Puhach, Jacqueline Fröhlich, Dr. Glòria Martrus Zapater and Johannes Jung

September 20, 2019: Joint Scientific Retreat

Friday, 20. September 2019

On September 19, the two HPI program areas “Molecular Mechanisms of Virus Pathogenesis” and “Innovative Antiviral Therapies” met at the Gastwerk hotel Hamburg-Bahrenfeld for a joint scientific retreat.

The overarching topics of this year´s retreat were “Structure and Dynamics of Viral Morphogenesis”, “Immune control”, “Latency and Transformation” and “Replication and Host Range”. In addition to the lectures in which current scientific work was presented, there was the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues during the poster session, coffee breaks and a joint dinner. 

Once again this year awards were given for the two best lectures (Jacqueline Fröhlich and Olha Puhach), the two best posters (Henning Jacobsen and Felix Flomm) and the best questions (Sven Hagen).

Congratulations to all winners for their achievements!