Boys and Girls Day at HPI

March 28, 2019: Girls’ and Boys’ Day 2019 at HPI

Thursday, 28. March 2019

Girls' and Boys' Day took place at HPI on March 28, 2019. Seven boys and eight girls visited the institute on this day.

The children between the ages of 12 and 15 were given insights into the life of a scientist. Before they actually went into the laboratories, PD Dr. Jan Chemnitz, Safety Officer at HPI, gave a brief introduction to the rules of conduct and safety regulations at a research institute.

After a short welcome and introduction to the institute by the Scientific Director Prof. Thomas Dobner, the lab coats were finally put on and the junior researchers were allowed to become active themselves: They got to know mass spectrometry, tried on protective suits for S3 laboratories and examined light and electron microscopes.

At the end the acquired knowledge was tested with a small quiz. Then already an exciting and unforgettable day came to an end, which will surely remain in the memory of the girls and boys for a long time.