View of a computer screen and reagent vials during the Boys & Girls Day digital event.

First digital Girls & Boys Day at HPI

April 23, 2021: First digital Girls and Boys Day at the HPI

Friday, 23. April 2021

The first digital HPI Girls and Boys Day took place on April 22, 2021. After the event was unfortunately cancelled last year due to the pandemic, in 2021 it was planned directly as a digital format.

The twelve pupils between the ages of 12 and 16 were given insights into the scientific work at the institute in a lecture by HPI's Scientific Director Prof. Thomas Dobner.

After the welcome and introduction, the mini-researchers were allowed to get active themselves: Under the digital guidance of Dr. Franziska Ahnert-Michel and Meline Brendel, they extracted DNA from bananas at home.

They then learned about the work of researchers with the short film "Biohackers," which Hamburg students from the iGem Hamburg initiative had previously recorded and produced at the HPI.

Finally, the acquired knowledge was tested in a small quiz and an exciting morning came to an end.