This year's awardees

This year's awardees

February 23, 2021: HPI awards HPI PhD Prize, HPI Postdoctoral Prize & Mobility Grant

Tuesday, 23. February 2021

HPI has awarded this year's HPI PhD Prize, HPI Postdoctoral Prize and an HPI Mobility Grant. Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony took place digitally in a live broadcast prior to the weekly Tuesday Seminar (also in digital format).

By awarding the PhD prize and the Postdoctoral prize of 500 euros each, HPI's Board of Directors annually recognizes the author of the most successful first publication of the previous year. With these awards, the HPI aims to highlight the high significance of young scientists at the institute and to promote scientific excellence.

This year's PhD prize goes to Dr. Sven Hendrik Hagen and his publication „Heterogeneous Escape from X Chromosome Inactivation Results in Sex Differences in Type I IFN Responses at the Single Human pDC Level“, which was published in 2020 in the journal "Cell Reports". In it, he is investigating differences in the immune response in men and women and the factors underlying these differences. Dr. Sven Hendrik Hagen successfully completed his PhD in the HPI Research Department of Virus Immunology in 2020 and is now continuing his research at the HPI as a postdoctoral fellow.

The 2021 Postdoctoral prize goes to Dr. Benjamin Vollmer (HPI Research Department "Structural Cell Biology of Viruses") for his 2020 publication „The prefusion structure of herpes simplex virus glycoprotein B“, published in the renowned journal "Science Advances". In this work, a multi-method approach is used to analyze in more detail the fusion process of herpesviruses with the host cell at cell entry.

In addition to the PhD and Postdoctoral prizes, a Mobility Grant is awarded:

Kira Schamoni, PhD student in the HPI Junior Research Group "Dynamics of Viral Structures", has the opportunity for a research stay in the laboratory of Prof. Lisa Jones at the University of Maryland (Baltimore, USA) to learn new skills in the field of mass spectrometry.  

The PhD and postdoctoral awards and the mobility fellowship are made possible by support from the Stiftung zur Bekämpfung neuroviraler Erkrankungen.