• Standard methods of molecular biology and biochemistry
    • Quantitative Real-time PCR
    • FACS
    • Generation and purification of recombinant proteins
    • Fluorescence and Light Microscopy
    • Standard methods of virology
    • Generation of recombinant influenza viruses by reverse genetics technique
    • Cell culture
    • Immunohistochemical stainings and analysis of organs
    • Mouse model to study virus pathogenicity (under Biosafety levels 2, 3 and 3+)
    • Guinea pig model to study virus transmission (under Biosafety levels 2, 3 and 3+)

        Recent Publications

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        Hartmann W, Brunn ML, Stetter N, Gagliani N, Muscate F, Stanelle-Bertram S, Gabriel G, Breloer M (2019). Helminth Infections Suppress the Efficacy of Vaccination against Seasonal Influenza. Cell Rep. 2019 Nov 19;29(8):2243-2256.e4.

        Klingen TR, Loers J, Stanelle-Bertram S, Gabriel G, McHardy AC (2019). Structures and functions linked to genome-wide adaptation of human influenza A viruses. Sci Rep. 2019 Apr 18;9(1):6267.