• Mammalian cell culture (primary cells and cell lines)
    • Tissue processing (liver, gut, spleen)
    • Tissue-culture techniques under S2 and S3** conditions
    • Single-cell cloning
    • HIV-1 in vitro infection models
    • HIV-1 latency models
    • Assessment of NK cell function
    • Jurkat-Reporter assay (KIR/HLA interactions)
    • HLA stabilization assay
    • Generation of HLA Class I tetramers
    • Multiparameter flow cytometry (20 parameters)
    • Fluorescent-activated cell sorting (S3**, 4-way, 96-well, single cell)
    • RNA Flow cytometry (Prime Flow)
    • Chipcytometry
    • Seahorse Assay (Metabolism)
    • Multiplex immunoassays for Luminex
    • Molecular-biological and biochemical methods (DNA/RNA/protein)
    • RNA interference (siRNA)
    • Genome-wide CRISPR knock-out screen (GeCKO)/CRISPR/Cas9
    • Single-cell genomics/ single-cell transcriptome analysis (Fluidigm)
    • Organoid techniques including  parenchym-immune cell co-cultures in organoid systems
    • Viral infection of primary cells in organoids

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