• next generation sequencing/NGS (Illumina platform)  und microarray analysis (Agilent platform)
    • development and application of bioinformatic methods for the detection and analysis of viral agents by next generation sequencing or microarray analysis 
    • analysis of viral and cellular chromatin (ChIP-on-chip, ChIP-seq)
    • transcriptomics, analysis of transcription profiles via RNA-seq
    • all current molecular biology nucleic acids and protein methods
    • cultivation of established cell lines and primary cells
    • infection models of various Herpes- and Polyomaviruses
    • manipulation of complex viral genomes by bacmid technology
    • gene transfer by viral and non-viral systems
    • real-time PCR (DNA/ RNA)
    • fluorescence and light microscopy
    • FACS-analysis
    • Infection Model Systems of different Herpes- and Polyomaviruses

    Recent Publications

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