NIKON Center of Excellence

The NIKON Center of Excellence is a cooperative project between the Heinrich Pette Institute, Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology and the Nikon GmbH division microscopy. The aim of this cooperation is the support of the researchers with the latest light microscopy technology as well as the development and establishment of new tailor-made preparation and transfer methods for correlative and integrative imaging. Based on this collaboration a stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy N- STORM system is available to the technology platform "Microscopy and Image Analysis". This new microscopy technique enables an increase in the optical resolution by a factor of ten compared to conventional fluorescence microscopy. For this new technology complementary light- and correlative electron microscopy techniques are being developed at the HPI. In addition to the N-STORM, the Nikon Company provides various other equipment and know-how to the HPI scientists and guests at the "Application Center Northern Germany".