Range of methods

Electron microscopy methods

Transmission electron microscopy [Philips CM120 with Gatan MSC 794]

Electron tomography [FEI Tecnai G20 Olympus Veleta and FEI Eagle 4k]

Scanning electron microscopy [Philips XL30ESEM with Point Electronic DISS5]

Environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM) [Philips XL30ESEM ]

Correlative light and electron microscopy

Light microscopy methods

Time-lapse microscopy [Nikon Biostation IM]

Confocal laser scanning microscopy [Nikon C2 plus, Zeiss LSM510 META FCS]

Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRFM) [Nikon Ti TIRF]

Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) [Nikon N- STORM]

High-resolution differential interference contrast microscopy [Nikon Eclipse Ti]

Reflected light differential interference contrast microscopy [Nikon AZ100]

High-resolution external apodized phase contrast [Nikon Eclipse Ti]

Dark -field microscopy [Nikon Eclipse Ti]

High content (confocal) fluorescence microscopy, [BD Pathway 855]

Preparation methods

High-pressure freezing [BalTec HPM010], freeze substitution [Leica AFS]

(Cryo-) ultramicrotomy [UC7/FC7 Leica, Ultracut UCT]

Metal shadowing / freeze etching / replica technique [BalTec BAF060]

Critical point drying [Polaron E3000]

Sputter coating [quorum Q150R ES]

Vibratome [Leica VT1200S]

Micro biopsy technique [self-development]

In situ preparation in cellulose micro capillaries [CarboCell, self- development]

Negative staining


Data processing / analysis

Quantitative analysis [ImageJ, NIS-Elements, Imaris]

Deconvolution [ Autodeblur, NIS elements, Zeiss AIM]

3D reconstruction [Imaris, Amira]

Stereoscopy [ImageJ , self-development]

Animations [Cinema4D]


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